Who We Are

CounterTrade Products, Inc. is a complete technology solutions company. Solve your technology challenges with a customized solution built for your needs and budgetary requirements. Find hardware, software and services dedicated to improving your company’s productivity while decreasing operational and capital costs. Utilize our contracts to source items from our partners including Dell EMC, HP, Microsoft, Cisco and many more.

Since 1985, CounterTrade has helped organizations grow by supporting and fulfilling IT needs. Our capabilities range from computer hardware and servers to more complex network integration requirements such as the latest virtual network technologies and IT security products and services.

Advantages of Working With CounterTrade

  • All leading manufacturer authorizations with authorized technical certifications
  • Experienced end-user of products offered
  • 30 years continuity in industry
  • Self financed with long-term banking relationships and no  requirement for asset lending
  • Experienced sales organization with high employee tenure
  • Own and manage our own data center

Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB)

Certified Open Trusted Technology Provider™
CounterTrade has been certified as an Open Trusted Technology Provider™ and demonstrated ISO/IEC 20243:2015 compliance under the Open Trusted Technology Provider Standard v1.1 – Mitigating Maliciously Tainted and Counterfeit Products (O-TTPS). The standard contains a set of organizational guidelines, requirements, and recommendations that, when adhered to properly, assure against the threat of tainted and counterfeit products. O-TTPS and ISO/ISE 20243:2015 are technically equivalent.

ISO Gold
ISO Certified

CounterTrade has invested in developing an ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System (QMS). This QMS was designed around providing excellent customer service and support for large scale IT procurement contracts. The series of redundant quality checks and peer reviews in our QMS ensures that customers get superior, consistent service from the first order to the last.

Our Specialty Areas

  • Federal
  • Education
  • State & Local
  • Commercial
  • IT Staffing
  • Managed Services
  • Ecommerce
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How We Work

value-added customer service

The procurement process is difficult enough. Why add complexity with a subpar contractor? At CounterTrade, we aim to simplify procurement during every step of the process.

The Right Contract: Choose the contract that fits your organization from our range of pre-competed, authorized Federal, State and Local contract vehicles.

The Right Solution: No matter your needs, we can source it from our catalog of over 1 million IT products. For a simple new way to manage your buying process, ask about our customized ecommerce sites.

The Right People: Our accessible team is here to handle all your requests, no matter how complex. We maintain a collaborative working atmosphere centered on the values of integrity, quality and transparency.

The Right Price: Through our diverse partners, we are able to provide a wide range of unique, high-tech solutions. Take advantage of the best products available at a small company price.

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People Helping People

At the heart of it, we want to help. Contact us to find out about the many solutions we offer for government agencies, schools and businesses.
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