4 Common White Glove Services Mistakes

Lots of schools ask for white glove services from vendors to make new hardware immediately usable by students and teachers. White glove services can include asset tagging, imaging and enrolling. While this may seem like a straightforward process, vendors with no experience administering white glove services can easily mess up the process, resulting in wasted […]

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Infographic: Mobile Use in Law Enforcement

The technology used by law enforcement and public safety professionals has come a long way over the years. Mobile devices, body cameras and other portable technologies are often a standard part of police officer equipment. Technology use is high, even in areas that one might not expect it to be. Technology’s effects can be seen in many […]

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5 Technologies That Changed Law Enforcement

Nearly every industry has been transformed by technology over the last few decades. Law enforcement technology is one example of advancements that have changed the way law enforcement professionals investigate crimes. Mobile technology in particular has allowed police officers, sheriff’s offices and detectives to be more connected with the people they protect and quicker to […]

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5 Awesome K-12 Math Apps for Chromebooks

Many schools purchase Chromebooks because they’re light, easy-to-use, kid- and teacher-friendly, and inexpensive. Make sure that your school is making the most out of these useful machines with these high-rated Chrome apps to teach math to your students. All of these apps are available on the Chrome Store, and they all received at least a […]

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Inmates vs. Harvard: An Educational Perspective

The news went viral.

The improbable story of the prison debate team that outsmarted Harvard’s best and brightest made its way onto millions of Facebook and Twitter feeds since news broke in late September. The engaging narrative, complete with an underdog win, sparked a serious debate about whether inmates should be provided with such high-quality, free […]

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